About Us

nettwo_logo-smallerNettwo Solutions Inc started conducting business in Saskatchewan in 2005.

Nettwo Solutions is an Incorporated Company through Corporations Branch in Saskatchewan.

Our mailing address is  P.O. Box 26004, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7K 8C1.  The company has accreditation with Better Business Bureau.

The company has had a background working in marketing since 2005. Nettwo Solutions Inc. has produced a number of business directories under different business directory names. This was done to encompass more than the Saskatoon area and to involve our business directory into other provinces.

At each stage, we were required to legally change the name of the website, and register the name as it is law in Saskatchewan that all advertised business names be registered.

Each year we continue to improve our services keeping in mind that customers want value. We have a limited number of clients in order to provide quality service and value.