About Us

Nettwo Solutions Inc started conducting business in Saskatchewan in 2005. The company is accredited with Better Business Bureau serving Saskatchewan. See our report.

The company has a physical location of 430 Silverwood Road, Saskatoon Saskatchewan S7K6N2.  The mailing address is P.O. Box 26004, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7K 8C1.
The company is owned by Ronald Jacobs.

The company coordinates referrals to Better Business Bureau serving Saskatchewan since 2005.  The company has also outsourced their services to other bureaus in Western Canada.  Today our services are for Saskatchewan only.

In 2005 the company built a website for Saskatoon area BBB members.  At that time the BBB did not have an up to date site, and it gave us the opportunity to contact each member and to place their business profile on a site called bbsaskatoon.com  This Site was authorized by the CEO of Better Business Bureau at the time, Danny Berehula.  The Site was produced and maintained at no cost to BBB or those businesses on bbsaskatoon.com

From about 2006 to the present, Nettwo Solutions Inc. has produced a number of business directories under different business directory names. This was done to encompass more than the Saskatoon area and to involve our business directory into other provinces.  At each stage we were required to legally change the name of the website, as it is law in Saskatchewan that all advertised business names be registered. We knew this because of the number of businesses in Saskatchewan that were turned down for accreditation with Better Business Bureau simply because they were not following the laws of Saskatchewan.

The company owned the legal name safeandtrusteddirectory prior to owning Safe and Trusted Canada. In addition Nettwo Solutions also legally registered Safe and Trusted Saskatoon Online Directory and Safe and Trusted Regina Online Directory to ensure that we met the legal obligations as required by the Province of Saskatchewan.

In the meantime we started producing websites for businesses.  They liked our pricing, and it gave our company a chance to learn what worked well and where we needed to improve as a company.

Currently we provide with the assistance of other  other web developers cost effective custom web sites. Often we are told that we are half the cost , but our goal is to provide a custom website where the customer is able to change content on their own whenever they want at no extra charge.

Each year we continue to improve our services keeping in mind that customers want value. We have a limited number of clients in order to provide quality service and value.